Ballinode Community College believes in the holistic development of the student and encourages each student to fulfill their potential and to fully participate in all activities.

The range of activities in the school is very broad and appeals to all students including 

  • visits to plays, art galleries and exhibitions. 
  • School based visits from musicians, writers, speakers from voluntary organisations and from other colleges and schools.
  • Careers seminars and college open days
  • visits to local places of interest including museums, science trips eg Eagles flying, archaelogical sites local water treatment plants.
  • links with the ESB in the "Business in the Community" programme

The list of other activities includes

  • School Trips
    • Ice-skating in Dublin at Christmas each year
    • Outdoor Pursuit trips to Petersburg
    • The national Ploughing Championships
    • Trips to Dublin and Belfast and Galway
    • Visits to other Colleges
  • School Exchanges: Civic Link Exchange with schools in the North of Ireland and America and Comenius projects with trips to Germany, Hungary in 2010/2011. In 2011/2012 students will be participating in a new comenius Art project with the possibility of some students travelling to Sweden, Spain and Hungary.
  • Sports:
    • PE program with use of Sligo Tennis Club facilities
    • Soccer
    • Gaelic Football
    • Basketball
    • Volleyball
    • Athletics
    • Rugby
    • Outdoor pursuits
    • Karate
    • Girls club
    • Cheerleading
    • Boxercise
  • Public Speaking and Debates
  • Inter VEC Mathematics Table Quiz
  • School Choir and participating in Co Sligo VEC musical in the Hawkswell Theatre
  • School Plays
  • Scholarships
  • Summer Courses in the Gaeltacht

Students get the opportunity to experience Outdoor Pursuits and to participate in the Gaisce programme.

The Girls Active programme encourages involvement in dance, horse-riding and other activities.